Curtis Graham Mohler is a twenty year Navy Veteran who has served in several management capacities including NJROTC Administrative & Budget Manager, Human Resources Recruiter, Combat Communications Instructor, Warfare Coordinator and NCIS Direct Special Agent Support.

In 2006, Curtis served as a Senior Defense Management Consultant, Director of Business Development-US West Operations responsible for managing and implementing the (Saber-Diamond Business Plan) specifically targeted to develop, capture, expand and management new business opportunities for a (Fortune 500) Global Defense Contractor client in support of 20 commercial small businesses encompassing 27 states and over 1000 personnel.

In 2011, Curtis served as a Senior Business Development Specialist Counselor at the UTSA, Small Business Development Center, Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC) managed the Veterans Assistance Services Program (VASP) and Chase Veterans Business Development Programs providing free business counseling services to veteran entrepreneur clients specializing in start-ups, development, operations, certifications, management, government contracting and long-term expansion. Curtis then transitioned, serving under the UTSA PTAC, providing assistance to Small Business Owners in the areas of advanced government contracting, training and expansion.

In August of 2019, Curtis was promoted to his new role as PTAC Program manager managing the PTAC Program and the 38 county area assisting small business owners to expand their opportunities to local, state and federal markets providing advanced government contracting business services under the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) program.

Curtis is federally certified Seabee Combat Warfare Specialist (SCW), Certified Human Resources Recruiter (NEC 9585), VA Counselor for CVE Certifications with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), Certified Business Advisor (CBA), and certified GSA Schedules preparer with Georgia Tech University. Curtis is a graduate of Wayland Baptist University, where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Occupational Education (BSOE) degree with a major in Management, and Master of Arts (MAM) degree in Organizational Management.

Curtis has been awarded the Small Business Administration (SBA) Veteran Champion of the Year (2014) and is UTSA IED Service Award Winner (2018) for his superior service to Veterans Entrepreneurs, and local, state and federal government contracting.