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Walt Calvo, an Air Force Veteran with over 20 years of military service, opened Global Consulting Alliance (GCA) in 2012 with the goal of helping individuals and organizations overcome obstacles and simplify their ability to achieve success. GCA combines organizational development, psychological health, and education and training best practices to bring out the best in people and organizations. Calvo has worked in a variety of mental health positions varying from Behavioral Scientist to Division Chief. With the help of the UTSA Procurement Technical Assistance Center, Calvo ained substantial knowledge in the processes and necessary steps to grow and expand his business.

The service provided by PTAC has been an integral part of my company’s success.

Senior Business Development Specialist, Curtis Mohler, was able to help Calvo build an individually customized business strategy, LLC operating agreements, and to complete the SAM registration and VA CVE certification. Calvo also received assistance from Project Manager, Deirdre Pattillo, on employee relations, job description development, research compensation plans, and compliancy strategies to meet regulatory requirements for contracting opportunities. As a result of the tireless dedication of Global Consulting Alliance, the company was awarded a $1.3 million contract, creating 14 new jobs, to provide Directors of Psychological Health to the Air Force and Army National Guard.