South-West Texas Border SBDC's are Open for Business ** Details

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4M HR Logistics, is a woman owned San Antonio based small business offering specialty staffing and employment services. The 4M HR team is receiving counseling and technical assistance from the University of Texas at San Antonio Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC) helping the business expand into the market of government contracting at the federal, state and local levels. The company’s primary focus is centered on providing aerospace and engineering technical positions to federal government agencies including the U.S. military branches.

PTAC has been very helpful in providing valuable information and is a fantastic resource for education and training classes.

The 4M HR Logistics team came to PTAC for assistance with understanding contracting requirements and identifying opportunities in government contracting. Business Development Specialist Eloy Garcia was able to assess the business’s current contracting status and assist the company with developing a marketing capability statement, woman-owned business certification process, and a General Services Administration (GSA) schedule. Specific assistance also included System Award Management (SAM) registration, federal certification requirements, BidMatch services, in addition to training workshops focused on government contracting issues. As a result, they were awarded $1,510,160 in contracts.